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Hire Us To Open & Close Your Pool

The beginning and end of swim season is a dreaded time for pool owners.

It doesn't have to be that way.  Let us do the dirty work so you can spend more time enjoying your summer. 

Pool Opening

Let us get your pool swim ready in just a few visits. Our in-depth knowledge of water treatment and pool equipment, ensures that your pool will be in pristine shape by the time we're done.

All our pool openings also include:

  •  Equipment checks

  • Winter cover cleaning and storage

  • Summer cover setup (Roller Wheel & solar blanket, Coverstar, Cleardeck systems)

  • Patio furniture and covers cleaning and storage

Pool Closing

Proper pool closing requires thorough cleaning and prep for the following swim season. This will help your pool and equipment last.  

All our pool closings also include:

  • Full clean (including cleaning and storing equipment)

  • Lower the water line, flush out the lines, and winterize the filter

  • Put away seasonal cover (Roller Wheel & solar blanket, Coverstar, Cleardeck systems)

  • Put winter cover on the pool

All pools are different. To get an exact quote on opening or closing your pool, click the button below and complete the form.